Sunday, July 12, 2009

On Babies First Birthday

My baby turned one!

The exclamation mark ending that sentence is meant to convey the following:

1) Ohmigod how could he be one already I just had him, like, a couple months ago, right? No, a year? A WHOLE YEAR? How is that freaking possible? We must be caught in some sort of warp in which the space-time continuum is wildly accelerated and at this rate I’ll be an old dead grandmamma in, like, a couple years. Save us Captain Kirk! Save us all!

2) I’m so proud of him.

3) I know he will literally begin to run away from me any day now and I have little precious time to savor his chubby crawling yummy baby-ness before he is a wild kamikaze toddler.

4) One! Don’t we all have a picture of ourselves as a chubby baby looking confusedly at a single candle perched atop a cake? Now it’s my turn to take that picture for him and stash it away for him to marvel at later. Ya know he’s too little to form memories per se, so he’ll look at that picture of himself in the same way that I look at the picture of myself looking fearfully at a flame where there is usually food – like it’s a far away picture of a far away person I couldn’t possibly know. How unfortunate for him that he will never know himself as a baby for he is such a delightful baby! The sweetie-pie nostalgia factor just makes my bones and teeth ache.

5) Oh baby! Don’t grow up too too fast because everything is so sweet just so and I don’t want us all to grow old and brittle. We are mortals! MORTALS! Maybe this is why humans are made to reach sexual maturity in their teens while they still think they’ll live forever – to spare them this ache.

6) Awwwww. I’m going to get him a bright shiny red wagon and take him to the park.

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  1. Cute Baby! Yes, time goes by so fast! I have four, ages 14, 7, 6 and 4. Although they are no longer babies, I still see all of them as my babies. Its hard to believe that all four were once in my tummy! (not all at once of course:))
    No matter what age they turn they will always be the cute chubby cheek babies in your heart!


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