Friday, August 7, 2009

Lactation, Chai and Rock and Roll

So we're at the Folk Fest t'other night and Sarah McLachlan is headlining and I'm kind of thinking a lot of things all at the same time, as one does while listening to live music, including, wow, some women sure have amazing careers, I wonder how old she is? And how did I ever become a stay-at-home-mom in the burbs anyway? And does my butt hurt this much because I'm not used to riding my bike, because I'm pregnant, because I'm sitting on the hard ground, or because I'm getting really really old? Gosh I sure wish the lineup for chai wasn't so long, because I'd really like a cuppa. And why can't I stop thinking about my baby and how much I miss him on the one night we have out, like, ever?

Then Sarah starts yapping between songs and she's apologizing for the depressing nature of her last couple numbers and then mentions that the next song is hopeful. Then she frowns and asks, "Is it hopeful?" Then she thinks about that for a moment and shakes her head.


Then everybody laughs, just like when I tell a joke, except we're talking about tens of thousands of people.


That's the sound thousands of breastfeeding moms make when Sarah McLachlan:

1) swears. It's fun to hear her swear because she seems so frickin' prissy.

2) says yup, I breastfed my kids. And we're clearly not talking about a few weeks before I passed 'em off to a nanny and went on tour. I said, after all, kids. I was in it for the longhaul. Cause I, a rockstar with an amazing career think breastfeeding is important. I was totally willing to put whatever I had on my rockstar agenda aside to feed my babies because that was the most urgent, most beautiful, most essential thing for me to do.

3) of all the experiences in my rock star life, motherhood ROCKED me. It is the journey that inspires me, that changed and changes me irrevocably, that I can't put aside ever, not even here, up on stage in front of tens of thousands of people, because of a) that sneaking insecurity I have that a portion of my brains leaked out of my boobs and I'm just not quite as bright as I used to be, yes honey, it's not just you, me too, and b) because I think about my daughters all the freakin' time, because they are gorgeous and I love them and I want to talk about them and share stories about them because I am a mom. I am a rockstar, true, but I am a mom, always.


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  1. That is excellent! I love that that's how she put it, too. Not after having two kids, but after breastfeeding them. That does rock! We went to an outdoor concert a couples years ago where the performers couldn't stop referring to their kids, pointing them out in the audience, or bringing them onstage, and that made me so happy. I always wonder when parents are touring musicians what happens to the kids, and it makes me feel good to know they're right there and involved.

  2. I feel like going to an outdoor concert. Maybe I will check to see what is going on locally.

  3. That's so cool! I'm a much bigger fan of hers now. Thanks so much for sharing!!!


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