Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sexual Cancers Awareness Month

I was driving around in my minivan full of kids the other day when hundreds of people ran by in their underwear.

"Oh, right," said I. "September is Sexual Cancers Awareness Month."

The last time this happened I was pushing a baby stroller. I stopped at an intersection to let hundreds of people in wigs and boxers and bras and race numbers on their legs pass by. Some were gasping, some were prancing, all were in various states of undress. Me and my toddler cheered for them while the baby slept.

"What was that?" asked my little girl. I didn't know.

But I found out later when I saw a pamphlet advertising "The Underwear Affair," a run to raise awareness and money for sexual cancers.

Their mantra is to "bring awareness to down there-ness."


As a sexual cancer survivor but not someone who is really "out" about it, I can honestly say, this sure means a lot to me peoples. When I found out about this run I had just been diagnosed / cured of cervical cancer and even though I was saved I felt awfully alone and, as my wee ones would put it, "scaredy" about it all.

Thanks for running around in your underwear, Western Alberta. It helps. I've seen you do it. It's helped me.



  1. I could hardly be more aware of sexual cancer just now. My great-aunt, who is only in her sixties and previously had excellent health, just got diagnosed with ovarian cancer. A lot of people don't know this, but ovarian cancer is very aggressive and almost impossible to diagnose until the late stages. She's had, within a week of getting the news, half her insides removed and they're still not sure whether they got it all.

    I don't know if "awareness" helps with this ... what we really need is a reliable screening test so it could be caught before the very late stages! I wonder if anyone is working on that.

  2. They are working on it. In fact, I saw a commercial the other day that said almost this exact thing - that we need a reliable early screening test. It's just incredibly difficult.

    Happy being un-sick, Betsy. I'd like to say I'd run around outside in my underwear for you, but I don't think that would be a good thing for anyone.

  3. I'd run around in my LONG underwear for you, totally.


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