Friday, June 18, 2010

Honest to Betsy Blogiversary!

Well, well, well, my dear and cherished Reader. It was exactly one year ago today that I published my inagural blog. Gosh and golly.

Who was that timid little maiden blogger who pledged to write about joyful parenting?

That Betsy hoped with such a wholesome longing that someday, someone would read her blog and tell her that it made her laugh and that she could relate. Just one people please, blogiverse. Maybe two people. Okay, I'd prefer ten.

This Betsy (one year old!) is tickled and thrilled that that has totally happened. Even more than ten people have told me I've made them laugh. And some have said tears were involved. The only thing better than making people laugh is making them cry. What could be more wonderful?
It's meaningful because it can only happen if I've connected with someone. It means I can connect with someone. It's just such a primal, human need -- connection. It's a beautiful thing.

I certainly never intended to use this blog as a venue to discuss my gynaecologica ltribulations and my feelings about all my womanly stuff and things. Goodness. Seems that's mostly what I've been on about, though.

The amount of time I've spent here gabbing about my genitals and the tiny people I've squeezed out of them, I'm just earnestly and pleasantly surprised that anyone willingly arrives here at all. But you do. And bless you. I love your bloggy heart.

And, Dude! If I visit your blog, I totally and sincerely care about you. I enjoy your intellect and your humour and your humanity. I love that you are far away or that you are not so far away.

And I'm in your court. I'm rooting for you. I hope it all works out. Sometimes I tell my husband how awesome you are or that I'm worried about you. Sometimes you make me laugh. Sometimes I'm like, what are you on about? And sometimes I'm just like, what are you on? But I'm glad you're here. I'm glad we're here together.

Now. It's my blogiversary and this calls for a celebration. So I'm gonna pull a Dooce and post a photo of my dog with something on his head. Why not?

I call this photo "Gusser Theresa."

Happy Blogiversary to me.


  1. Happy Blogiversary, Betsy! May it be the first of many.

  2. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday dear Honest to Betsy
    Happy Birthday to you.

    I was going to say that I for one had enjoyed reading about your genitals, then I realised how supremely weird that sounded, so I'll just say that I think your blog is tops.

  3. Happy Blog B-Day. Nice Dooce. You're surely on your way to making the first million off of this here blog.

    PS. I'm still laughing about that guy who sat between you on the plane.

  4. Seriously you're only one? You're a rock star Betsy! Honest! ;) I don't read Dooce although I probably should, but I like the idea you borrowed. Except I'm going to call it a Betsy. Happy Birthday!

  5. yep...we are all going to say...we knew betsy when she was only 1!

    and sometimes i wonder what you are on too...but i's good to keep us guessing!

  6. Happy Blog Birthday to you, Betsy B. Honest! My own personal blogiverse as I know it would be significantly less awesome without your existence.

  7. I felt much the same way on my blog's first birthday. In my case, it's more about how little I really write about books and how much I swear. Hey, if you didn't surprise yourself now and then life would be boring, right? F*cking right! :) Happy whateversary.

  8. Happy blogiversary! I hope it's wonderful! I love the pic of your dog. I laughed. So cute! Think I could get my birds to sit still long enough for that? LOL


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