Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Baby Whisperer vs. Baby Smacker

Dearest Reader:

You have a baby, she's unbearably beautiful, she busts your heart wide open as a prairie, fills it with birdsong and light, and you vow that she will never know an unkind hand, and you worry that the world can't possibly be large enough to contain your outrage should that vow be broken.

Four years later you have two more children, each as beautiful as the first, and your toddler pushes your baby over for grabbing a toy, and her little head bonks loud on the hardwood, and your preschooler puts the smackdown on him by screaming, "Bad boy! Don't hit babies!" and she slaps him to emphasize her point and he retaliates by biting her and everybody is crying, and it's hard to know how to deal, especially since you feel crazy vengeful because somebody just hit your baby.

Today I'm doing a guest post on Code Name Mama. It's for her series on Gentle Parenting. I get to ask her following of gentle parents for advice on dealing with the thing that most vexes my mommy heart -- when my baby hits my baby, hard, like he means it.

Check it out.


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  1. I'm so sorry, but I seriously just laughed my face off at your description of the great smackdown of 2010. I can't even imagine, but you've made me smile.


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