Wednesday, August 4, 2010

World Breastfeeding Week

Happy World Breastfeeding Week 2010! If you are wondering whether or not I am breastfeeding while writing this post, wonder no longer -- the answer is yes!

Today I've got a guest post going on at It is also being featured as part of The World Breastfeeding Week Carnival at The Leaky Boob. Yay!

My last breastfeeding post was about how nursing has become normal for me. This latest one is about what happens when shame creeps into the experience. It contains my best breastfeeding advice -- what I've learned from over four and a half years of nursing.

I must admit, the first time I did a google search for blogs that talked about breastfeeding, everyone seemed to be yaking about participating in a "Breastfeeding Carnival." A virgin blogger, I was somewhat afeard. What in tarnation could a Breastfeeding Carnival possibly entail, wondered I? Now that I'm participating I must admit, it is both more and less thrilling than what I originally pictured.

In other news, I've made a button! Isn't it cute as a? I used this tutorial at Oikology 101 to cook it all up.

If you is up for a button swap, I is up for a button swap. Lemme know.

The first time I saw this image of a polar bear nursing was in a museum display about the Arctic and the Antarctic.

I pointed it out to the mom I was with and said, "Look, it's me!"

And she said, "It totally is."

Did you know that polar bears always have twins -- a boy and a girl? And of course, they nurse them in public, and if you don't like it, you can certainly talk to the bear about it. Perhaps she should use some sort of cover? Or better yet, substitute with formula if she must leave her lair? I'm sure she'd be open to suggestions, all 600 pounds of her.

 Remember this creepy ad campaign by Coke? They used to run it before movies and on TV.

I know I'm not the only one who found it totally disturbing. I always had to restrain from shouting, "Don't let your babies drink that! Cola is not good for baby polar bears you moron!"

Breast is best, Mama. Breast is best.



  1. I did NOT know that polar bears always have a boy and a girl. I wonder how that works, because I would assume it's the sperm that determines gender in polar bears, too. And now my total lack of any education in biology is coming back to haunt me.

    As for the polar bear, what an excellent nursing in public role model. You know she's not taking any lip.

  2. You are an engaging writer, I love your voice!
    And I agree, polar bears should not give Coke to their cubs! Don't they realize how hyper it'll get them?

  3. I did not know that about polar bears and I LOVE it. But I guiltily admit to finding the commercials cute (not because I want baby polar bears to drink coke. Just cute in an abstract, aw, a baby kind of way. I found my own kids sucking on beer bottles equally cute and I didn't actually let them drink beer. Well, not a lot of beer.)

  4. Thanks for the giggle Betsy. And I didn't know that polar bears always have twins either. Love your new button too.


  6. I love the polar bear nursing! that is soooo cool!

  7. Me likey...alot. I did not polar bears always have twins either. Makes me kind of glad I am not a polar bear. Oh, and as soon as I get a button made, we can swap, okay!? :o)

  8. Reactions to public breastfeeding are really interesting. From askance looks to women on scooters shouting, "Good for you!!!" in a too-vehement voice--it's all there. Polar bear twins drinking Coke does seem like it should attract more disgust, doesn't it?

  9. I have loved all the pro-breastfeeding posts I've seen in the last week.
    I also saw an ad on a blog for a thing that looked like a tablecloth that the mom was wearing over herself to nurse her baby. Good grief! I'd be afraid I'd lose my baby under that and never find him again:)


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